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Use Boulders – 9 Reasons Why You Should

14:12 01 July in Boulder Walls


Use Boulders to build your retaining walls

Why should you use boulders?

You should use boulders to allow for a natural barrier to hold back topsoil. There is no more natural solution to a slight grade change in a landscape.

  1. Boulders are a great way to quickly upgrade your landscape
  2. Well-placed boulders can stabilize the grade as well as create microclimates for a variety of plants.
  3. Set two or three boulders in a bed so that they complement each other.
  4. Boulder-walls will also be stronger than other types of walls
  5. The most cost-effective retaining wall is a large boulder rock bank.
  6. Large boulders create boundaries in the yard, and add height and texture to make flat yards more appealing
  7. Boulders make great accent walls
  8. Boulders can be used to create different levels, or terraces.
  9. boulders are a creative option for keeping soil from eroding down a hillside


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